Magento nowadays becomes more popular in the world, lots of advantage from the CMS we can get, although the best feature of the Magento is paid, they offer also the free version of the platform which is said to be less hassle and all the solution of the problem is searchable in the internet for greater help.

Magento development supplies you with the pursuing advantages :

Detailed reporting : Magento aids in storing all the previous order from the previous premature clients whenever the clients login. Previous Order points are shown in their various accounts.

Magento Support : Numbers of Magento designer and developers are available uttermost times of day, assisting you to get your Magento online store customized with the use of well designed themes and improved modules.

Mobile commercialism ready : Magento is besides uncommitted for mobiles having an android phone operating systems making it easygoing for the customer to buy right away.

Inbuilt selling and SEO tools : Magento ecommerce renders you with an inbuilt SEO characteristic, which helps you to get a good ranking on Google and other search engine.

If you have recently done an upgrade of your joomla site and you now get this "Internal Server Error 500" you will find an answer just check this article for a possible solution of this problem on how to solve this annoying error.

A fresh Joomla Content Management System install includes a file called .htaccess, which you can see in the main folder or the root folder of your Joomla installation. This file contains certain joomla configuration settings, which may get in conflict with the current web server configuration. The result would be an Internal Server Error 500 displayed whenever you try to view your website.

You can determine whether it is the .htaccess file that is causes the error by renaming it to a .htaccess (disabling the file by renaming). Should this resolve the error, you would at least know where to look for the exact cause of the problem. It must be one of the directives within the .htaccess file, so it would only a matter of finding our which one it is and removing it (or commenting it).

Want to make your own Web 2.0 wordpress theme that seems different to other? before you make a decision to continue these you make sure that you have a knowledge on Content Management System Web programming, yes it is a must, or you will hire someone to do it for you and manage it.

But the Question is Why Should I Build My Own Wordpress Theme?

You may come up with this question and say that you are perfectly happy with the free theme you downloaded from the internet, exactly as it is. But want happen if you see your friends theme or someone that has same functionalities on the side bar of their blog! Won’t you feel like marking your wordpress blog theme with your own special identity, well Customizing your web 2.0 wordpress theme can have several advantages.

1. First, of course, it gives a special and unique look to your Wordpress site which make your site different.
2. You can take advantage of the existing templates online, template tags, as well as the Wordpress loop, for the generation of different kinds of web page results and designs.
3. With customized themes, you can create best and alternative theme for specific site features depend on what the site need; for example, the category pages, search result pages and static content pages.
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