For drupal Content Management System (CMS) beginners here are the list of recommended drupal modules where is beginner friendly and hassle free.

1. Content Construction Kit (CCK) - One of the best modules which is mostly used by drupal user, it allows user to add custom fields to nodes using your browser. (ex., flash video, text, image and others) CCK also allows you to create new data information such as students record, a blog entries, news and events or whatever.

2. Administration Menu - a well designed dropdown menu for the admin to navigate easily in just few clicks or lets just say a shortcut menu for administrator to save more time in clicking.

3. Views – A powerful and smart module and works better when combined to CCK . The tool can build the proper query also can execute and displays the exact result. By using this module you can also create a pages or blocks.
4. ImageCache- This drupal module allows you to crop, resize, scale and rotate your uploaded image.

5. XML Sitemap – A module that creates a sitemap for your drupal site, this sitemap helps search engine crawlers to crawl your website better, this can auto submit your link list to the search engine such as google, ask, msn, yahoo and others, for easily access of crawlers for indexing your site.

6. Google Analytics - A module that automatically adds google analytics to your site for you to track your visitor of your site as you configure and this module also has an ability to monitor the files of your page that has been downloaded and tracked the links on its type.
7. FileField – Filefield modules lets you select files and upload it on your site also a great module for uploading large number of files and bigger size of file such as video, audio and whatever.

8. Taxonomy Menu – generates automatically a menu for your category from single level vocabularies.

9. Lightbox2 - a simple tool that allows you to add layer of options for example you uploaded your image and it resized at 200px on your page and blow into full screen as you click it. This module is powerful when combined to VIEWS and CCK.

10. Embedded Media Field – allows you to embed video and audio files to your site like youtube and other sites not mentioned that allow html script of their video pasted to your site. And the video link is converted to an awesome embedded player for your site.
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