Simple Joomla Installation tutorial usingXAMPP for Beginners

Joomla is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management System released under GNU General Public License and written in PHP language, joomla is mostly used for business websites, blogs and other website purposes.

Step 1 – First thing to do is go to and Install the current version of the software. Remember that the current version of the software is much better than the old one, the reason is, it might be the previous version of this software has a bug that is vulnerable to hackers.
Step 2 –Start your XAMPP control panel, if you haven’t installed yet your XAMPP on your computer just go to, and download XAMPP.

Step 3 – After running the XAMPP control panel go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create your database. Assume that your database name is joomla and click create .

Step 4 – Now extract your joomla software using different file extractor like winrar. After extracting copy the whole folder and go to C:\xampp\htdocs and paste, rename the file into what ever a filename you want, but In this tutorial I renamed the folder into joomla.

Step 5 – Now, you have already your joomla folder, next step to do is go to your address bar and type http://localhost/joomla/ and press enter.

Step 6 – You are now in the installation Interface of joomla, Select the language you want and click then next button.

Step 7 – After clicking the next button you will be brought to the Pre-installation Check page, there’s no need to change or add on this page click again the next button. You are now in the license page of joomla, in this page you can the terms and condition in installing the software, its up to you if you want to read it, click again the next button.

Step 8 – you are now In the Database Configuration page. now, In the right side portion of the page you can see one select type field and four input type fields, just leave the first field with it’s default value msql because in our tutorial we use mysql. In the second field write there localhost, why localhost? because we are installing our joomla site in our local server. on the third field named username: write root. Why root? In local severs root is the default value for username. You can make another username if you want just go to php my admin and add another user. In the fourth field password, as we using our default of mysql just leave it on blank.

Step 9 – Finally in the fifth and final field write on it your database name, back to step 3 tutorial we use the database name joomla, so in the last field write joomla as our value for database, Click next. In the FTP configuration page just ignore this and click again the next button, because (we are using localhost , you can change and enter a value of the field in this page if you installed joomla online.)

Step 10 – In the Main Configuration Page, write your site name on the first field, your email in the second field and for the third and fourth field enter your admin password. Click next, and now your done you will now see a message that says finish. Remember (Don’t Forget to Remove the installation file in your htdocs site folder) go to C:\xampp\htdocs\ and be sure to delete the installation folder. After deleting go to your joomla page and Click the site button and that’s.

(you can login to your backend administrator page by adding /administrator at the end of the url of your site).

thanks for viewing my site and I hope my simple Joomla Content Management Systems tutorial helps you.
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