Fatal error: Call to a member function append() on a non-object in
controllers/WizardController.php on line 66.

This magento error commonly appear when you upload your whole folder to your magento server or other situation without knowing that you lack some important files to be added before installation, beginners find this problem very seriously and hard to solve.How to solve this problem? If you encounter this problem make sure that you uploaded this file or you already done this steps;
  • magento-downloader-1.0(smaller) file or the magento-1.0( the larger file).
  • app/design/install/default/default/layout/main.xml.
  • copy the folder from /app/design/install/default/default/layout to the /app/design/install/default/default on your server.
  • Make sure that all the files from app/design/install/ folder is uploaded correctly to your sever.
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