Listed below are the five best wordpress plugins that wordpress user most used to make their blog sites or business website better.

1.All-In-One SEO pack–A plugin helps you to get more expose to search engine, this plugin allows you to add title, keywords, description which can make your content more search engine friendly . Only plugin to which provides SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites, and what is the best in this Plugin? It automatically generates Meta Tag based on your content, to help you optimize more your website , other capabilities of this plugin is Canonical URLs - allow best for best url formatting.

2.Wordpress Database Backup – as a blogger this is very useful as we make grow our website, backup is the best solution when if a tragedy strikes to you like crashing of database, this plugin will be your first solution, it has a feature that allows us to schedule and the automatic creation of our blogs database. By this plugin you have nothing to worry about the data that stored in your database, do your other stuff like making a money by blogginh and this plugin will do your work in back upping your database file as you scheduled.

3.WP Super Cache– You can get two important benefits of this plugin, first is this plugin has a feature that decreases loading time of your page. Fast loading page is the an advantage to site owners it can attract more visitors for better blogging experience, second, WP Super Cache plugin can generate static html file which will help you most. Another version WP Super Cache is released named WP Super Cache plus,a free software released under the GNU/GPL License, although this plugin is new it is not much and not fully tested in wordpress 3.

4. I Love Social Bookmarking- this plugin encourage blog reader to rank your post in the best and popular social media sites, in this plugin an attractive dropdown menu list of social networking websites are inserted after your blog post that allows your visitor rank your site content. I Love Social Bookmarking is very helpful to those bloggers who do not or sometimes use a social networking website in submitting their articles.

5.StatPress Reloaded – a plugin that has a feature that collects information about your visitor, search engine spiders, Feeds, Keywords and more. You can see the action of the visitor of your while they are currently surfing your website. StatPress Reloaded can be installed in using different languages like Spanish,german, Russian, Norwegian, Italian etc.

wordpress nowadays are mostly used by bloggers because a lot of stuff you can do using this Content Management System..
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    very nice blog,
    Wordpress Content Management Systems Plugin Mostly Used by Bloggers.


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