(in this post not just wordpress user are benefitted but all website owners)

Allowing visitors to post a comment to your blog

This is one of the best SEO on page technique that is ever tested; it will help grow your content and same as the keyword for your blog, but we watchful of comment spams, ( In wordpress there’s a lot of available comment plugins you can download Askimet Wordpress Plugin , Comment Timeout, Bad Behavior and many more wordpress comment plugins that you can download for free.)

Remember that visitors don’t just put some comment to your site but they want to show their blog’s link to your page. Also remember that most of blog owner doesn’t want to be the first to write their comment,

Ways to increase the number of comment to your blog

1. Invite Visitors to Comment your site– add first your comment and ask some question related to your blog but remember that pretend that you’re not the owner of the blog, so that those visitors that has an additional ideas for the blog can have an interest to answer your questions. or appreciate your posted blog, in this way reader’s are encourage to post their comment too,and give an answers whether they agrees or not to your
posted comment.

2. Answer all comments – your main goal is to drive more comment to get more traffic to your site, do not ignore simple comments, just reply and reply even the simplest comment.

3.Say “Thanks” or “thank you”- pretend that you make your own comment to your own blog and you ask some question, and a visitor answer’s your question, give and say thanks to them because they don’t just answer your question but they help you to grow more your content and it is a great advantage to your main goal.

4.Do not leave a link in the body of your comment – this is a risk thing, if you think that posting a link to your own comment in your own blog is good, well It’s not. it can make the reader think that this is a great marketing strategy and a great possibility that reader’s wont post their comment.,

5.Respect visitors comment – whatever your visitors comment is, just respect them and answer their comment in a respectful and humble way, just remember that your main goal is to get more and more traffic to your site not more enemy.
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