Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS) that runs WhiteHouse.gov, MTV Europe,The Economist and lot of other big company's site, is a very powerful platform that will used for complex, sites and it's the best platform today that exists for SEO.
Here's why Drupal is the best:

1. Custom content types and views- You can use the content construction kit (CCK) and view drupal CMS modules to create new content types and create advanced custom views for that types. For examples include news stories, books, albums, a blog posts and tutorials all of which will created and displayed in many ways.

While some other content management systems need more written code for creating these types and drupal makes it easy and effortless, no programming knowledge required to do them in Drupal even non technical users can make a great website using these drupal Content Management System.

2. Search engine optimized URLs- Drupal gives you a wide control over your URL structure. Each item of the content created in Drupal will be given a custom URL, called a URL alias. For many years, other CMS Platform was lacking in search engine-friendly URLs and the ability to fix on it.

3. Drupal Page titles- Sites page title is the one of the most important on-page thing you can do to improve the SEO Optimation of your website. Page titles, the line of text in the HTML of a Web page that summarizes what that page is about, act as the welcome mat for your website.

Drupal will generate your page title automatically by using your site name and your site slogan of the front page and the node title for its individual nodes. Drupal's page titleis a module that gives you full control over the page titles to your site.

4. Modules are Free- Drupal modules (plug-ins, add-ins, or widgets) are free to use. You don't need a license or even a credit card to install any of the functionality that mentioned above in this post. all you need to do is just going to drupal.org and click download button and that's it, nothing to worry about malware, spyware and viruses drupal make sure that their files are safe and free to use.

5. Getting started with Drupal SEO is very easy. Just download the Drupal SEO module of your choice or your site needed, just drop it into your sites/all/modules folder on your server, and enable it from the modules admin page.
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