Want to make your own Web 2.0 wordpress theme that seems different to other? before you make a decision to continue these you make sure that you have a knowledge on Content Management System Web programming, yes it is a must, or you will hire someone to do it for you and manage it.

But the Question is Why Should I Build My Own Wordpress Theme?

You may come up with this question and say that you are perfectly happy with the free theme you downloaded from the internet, exactly as it is. But want happen if you see your friends theme or someone that has same functionalities on the side bar of their blog! Won’t you feel like marking your wordpress blog theme with your own special identity, well Customizing your web 2.0 wordpress theme can have several advantages.

1. First, of course, it gives a special and unique look to your Wordpress site which make your site different.
2. You can take advantage of the existing templates online, template tags, as well as the Wordpress loop, for the generation of different kinds of web page results and designs.
3. With customized themes, you can create best and alternative theme for specific site features depend on what the site need; for example, the category pages, search result pages and static content pages.

4. You can provide for style switcher, so that the users can easily change the look of your site or quickly switch between two different layouts.
5. You can even design your own web 2.0 wordpress theme and release it to the public so that others may also enjoy your design.

What are the different important wordpress template files?
1. first in the list is the header.php – This is the file that takes care of the way the upper section of your blog display. This is the file from where you can change the header picture and add Meta tags for your site.

2. The footer.php – This file holds the HTML code for the bottom section of your blog, and gets reloaded each time a page or post in your blog is accessed.
3. index.php – This is the main template file in theme. It determines what a visitor gets to see when he lands on the homepage of your blog or site.
4. sidebar.php – The sidebar is the responsible and takes care of the site navigation through various links to blogroll, archives, previous posts, and latest posts depending upon the basic web 2.0 wordpress theme being used.

Aside from the file being mentioned above, a web 2.0 wordpress theme also has some other template files meant for specific purposes, like the “archives.php” file, that would display the previous posts in your blog, and the “search.php”, that can be used to customize in generating search results from a specific wordpress theme.
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